General terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions (onwards “terms and conditions”) described in the following document, that applies to the navigation of the web site, (onwards referred as “website”) y the offered services. The responsibility of the “website” and the offered products are form Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A (CUIT: 30-70806464-1).

Rights of use of the website, belongs to Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A..

Acceptance and aknowledgement of the terms and conditions
The present terms and conditions are legally binding. These apply to every purchase and activity made trough the website. Using the website implies the knowledge and acceptance of them. If you do not agree with this termis and conditions, refrain from using this website or the provided services . The term “website user” includes both registered users as well as visitors.

Terms and conditions modifications
By the purchase is confirmed, the user will be granted and operation or transaction number. Likewise, an order confirmation e-mail will be sent to the user’s e-mails address jointly with an order number.
Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A will put up a notice on the website alerting the users about the changes, during a reasonable time. Notwithstanding the foregoing, users are liable of reading the terms and conditions every time they visit the website to know if any changes have been made.

Service interruption – liability exclusion
Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A preserves the right of interrupting, lay off or modificate at any given time the offered services on this website, either permanently or transitorily. Users accordance will not be required, nor providing any previous notice. Likewise, access or permanent use of this website its not guaranteed since it could be interrupted by external technical issues.

Notwithstanding what has been said above, if the suspension or the interruption does not respond to force majeure or fortuitous events reasons, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A undertakes to fulfill the pending benefits at the moment of the suspension or interruption.

Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A does not guarantee the website being free from virus, worms or any other harmful components that could cause harm or alter the regular operation of a computer.

The user is held responsible of having the correct computer tools to detect, prevent and/or remove any kind of elements and/or possible harms of this nature.

Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A is not liable for any harm that could occur on the users or third parties computer equipment as a result of navigating this website.

Sign Up
The users may browse the website freely. However, in order to make a purchase users must complete every information asked by the website.
Users must complete a registration form and choose a username and a password in order to access their profile. If the user forgets his log in information, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A provides an account data retrieval service.
In order to Access to the retrieval service, users have to click on the correct option and entry their e-mail address given at the registration moment. Upon completition, the system will automatically send a confidential e-mail to the user e-mail address with his username and password. As well as Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A commits to maintain the confidentiality of the data given by the users at the moment of their signing up, the users commit to maintain the confidentiality of their username and password. In agreement with the stated above, the users are held responsible of the use they give to their password and should keep in mind that if another person has access or may have access to their e mail address consigned as personal on the login form, they can ask for the user’s personal username and password. It’s the user’s sole responsibility to adopt the adequate means so that this does not happen. If necessary the user commits to immediately notify the irregular use of his personal account to Internacional Ricky Sarkany S,A using a reliable way to any of its contact addresses, and to keep Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A harmless from this irregular usage, in case this causes any harm to the company or a third person. User’s registration is made by accessing the website and is free of charge.
Filling the sign up registration form is mandatory and the user must input valid and real data, in a precise and exact way. Users must keep their information updated in order to maintain the system proper functioning. Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A could verify the users identity or the consigned data by the user at any given time.

International Ricky Sarkany S.A will not be accountable of the veracity of the information given by the users. Likewise Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A reserves the right to suspend the users temporarily or definitely in case of their non-compliance with the terms and conditions, as well as declining requests.

In order to use the services provided by this website, it’s requested to have legal capacity to contract. Users without the legal capacity can’t Access the services abovementioned, such as under aged, suspended or unable, Parents and legal guardians of the under aged or incapable that use this website will be held responsible of their actions, including any charge, billing or harm.

Privacy policy about the personal information provided by the users.
In order to use the website in a safe and efficient way, users must provide certain data, such as full name, address, e-mail address, identification number, failing which would become impossible to provide the website’s services. Therefore it is required that the information is authentic and precise. The nformation gathered by the forms will be included to Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A’s general clients database.

When entering information and credit card numbers, this are encrypted, ensuring their total confidentiality and restraining third parties to have access to them.

Users have the power to exercise the right to Access, rectifícate, block or supression of the personal data that have been provided to the website personally or by a third party. This rights can only be exercised about the information that can be taken as personal in the terms of the users personal data protection laws.
In order to exercise any of this rights, the user must contact the company detailing his complete name, identification card number, his request and the reasons of the exercise of his right.

Once the abovementioned requirements are fulfilled, in a detailed wait, and if the request is viable, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A will communicate to the user that it has proceeded to give rise or decline the request. Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A has 10 business days since the reception of the petition in order to send an answer in case of an Access request and 5 business days if the users requests the rectification, update or data elimination.

Likewise, users could request the discharge of their request or the removal of their account from the data base at any given time.

Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A ensures that the information provided by the users will be used within the established patterns by the personal data protection laws.

Given the case that the provided information is required by a legal or administrative entity, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A will be completed to reveal them to the requesting authority. Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A. will inform the users abut this requirements as long as the legislation and the procedural law allows.

Upon registration and being part of the general database of clients, users allow Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A to contact them by postal, telephonic or postal means, in order to send information that the company considers that may be useful for the users, including advertising and information about offers and deals. Given the case that the users do not want to be contacted by this means, they can declare against it using a reliable way of communication, as a consequence Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A will interrupt this kind of communications as soon as posible.

Given information veracity.
Given the case that the information provided by the user is fake, he will be liable of the potential harm that this situation could cause.

Availability and product prices
Before purchasing any of the offered products, the user must keep in mind that the selected products may not be available in stock at the time of the purchase. All purchases are subject to availability and will be confirmed before the final processing of the order payment.

Also, in the unlikely event that the selected product or products are sold out or delayed, Internacional Ricky Sarkany will contact the user and offered one of the following options:
A) Continue waiting the delivery of the purchase order (in case of delay);
B) Canceling the purchase order and money refund returning for the same payment mean used for the purchase;
C) Choose and alternative product offered by Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A;
D) Canceling the purchase and proceed to the emission of a purchase order for the same amount.

When the user opts for the alternative of canceling the purchase order, the user will receive a money refund for the same payment mean used.
In case the user choose for the alternative product offered by Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A, the user, the price difference must be paid in case of larger sums, or otherwise Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A will refund the amount paid by the original means of payments.

Important: for the situations contemplated in this section, the user the user will have a period of 10 day to choose one of the offered options. In case of silent, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.LA will presume that the user opted for the cancellation of the purchase, and will proceed to the refund of the amount paid by the original means of payment.

The information on product and prices published on this page is subject to change and may be modified and/or updated directly by Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A. Any price or condition of the products that has already been confirmed in an operation, will not be modified.

Money refund
In the cases mention before in which the user has opted for the refund of the amount paid, the user should take into account that the refund can take up to 96 business hours, due to deadlines and administrative issues.

In the cases of refund via bank deposit, the bank account must be in the name of the user’s account from where the purchase was performed. In case the ownership does not match, the express authorization of the owner of the user account will be required as an essential condition prior to the deposit.

Sales and special offers
In cases of sale and special offers, these will be valid from the date of the commencement of the offer, until de end date. The terms and condition will be communicated on the website, and will always be subject to the existence in stock of the products offered.

Warranty of the purchase products trough International Ricky Sarkany S.A covers manufacturing or quality defects only when they have been used for the purpose they have been manufactured for. International Ricky Sarkany S.A. does not cover defects due to improper use or abuse of the product, being the customer, in this case, the only responsible.

Returns and cancelations of purchase orders made on the website
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the user can return the purchase product or cancel the order within thirty (30) calendar days since the reception of the product at the user’s address. For that purpose the user should reach Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A by clicking here.

In case of full cancelation of the purchase, the user may choose between: (i) request the refund of the amount by means of payment that the user used to pay his purchase, or (ii) request the delivery of a credit note in your favor for future purchases. The user acknowledges that in this case, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A must make another shipment, which is why the user must pay again the expenses derived form it.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused, in the same condition that you received it, in its original packaging and the receipt or proof of purchase. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it.

Return of products due to factory defects and delivery error
The user has the right to return the purchase order that, in criterion of Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A and after an inspection exam, suffers from factory defects.
Likewise, the user will be entitled to the return of the product when it has been shipped ambiguously by Internacional Ricky Sarkany.
In both cases, the user should reach Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A, within 48hs, by clicking here within 14 days since the recepton of the product.
Shipping expenses from the user’s country shall be borne by the latter, and in case the claim is valid, expenses will be borne by Internacional Ricky Sarkany.
In case of return due to factory defects, the product will be sent to Internacional Ricky Sarkany, which will proceed to its examination and review, within a period of time of 2 months for its respective analysis, resulting in a technical opinion that will be available to the user.

If it is determined that the product feasibly had factory material errors, the user may choose between: a) Receive the same product without factory defects b)Request reimbursement of money plus shipping expenses. If it were then found that there were no factory defects, the user will only have the right to receive the same product under identical conditions, with Internacional Ricky Sarkany supporting shipping expenses.

In the case of confusion in the product sent, the user may choose between: a) Receive the requested product b) Request a refund of the money plus shipping costs.

Internacional Ricky Sarkany, will not be responsible for defects and damages caused to the product during the shipment.

In none of the cases or circumstances either by product purchase and/or return, Intenacional Ricky Sarkany will face customs expenses of each country for the entry of products and goods form abroad, which will be fully borne by the user.

All prices of published products on the website are expressed in US Dollars.

Payment methods
Payments can be made through credit card, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A may enable other options to facilitate customer’s orders.

All payment methods are subject to the amount being duly accredited and / or verified.

Credit card Payments
Payments can be made on-line by credit card including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Processing payments are done through the online payment service “PayU”. Internaciona Ricky Sarkany S.A is not responsible for possible service interruption of “PayU”, nor information management that they can perform.

Purchase confirmation of the purchase made, will be subject to the authorization of the issuer of credit card.

Delivery and delivery times
Orders placed and with approved payment, will be dispatched by Ricky Sarkany International the next business day through the international mail service company DHL. International Ricky Sarkany S.A. will provide users with the data and information of the shipment of the product for the purposes of the corresponding online tracking.

Deliveries are made to the user’s stated address at the website. Address legitimacy is full responsibility of the user. Orders will not be delivered to mailboxes or post office boxes.

Delivery time depends on the availability of the product, shipping time and the payment method approval. Indicated days are estimates, and calculated from the moment the payment has been authorizes by the entity that processes them.

Shipping is only made to the countries that appear on the site options. To acknowledge the average delivery times, visit the shipping ways section.

By purchasing on the site the user will receive a purchase confirmation on his inbox, specifying the acceptance and order number.

To ensure the efficiency on our deliveries, these are made through specialized companies.

Approval times varies according to the payment method. With credit cards, user must verify that the information provided for authorization is correct.

The approval time varies according to the payment method. In the case of credit cards, the user must verify that the information provided for authorization is correct.

Shipment expenses
User will be informed of the delivery expenses before making the purchase. The costs are calculated based on the total weight and/ or the total volume of the shipment, also depending on the address area of the delivery.

Delivery Schedules
The products will be delivered from Monday till Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., with the exception of national holidays and non-working days of each country.

When the delivery date overlaps with a holiday, it will be schedule to the next business day. Users may not choose either the schedule or the day on which the purchased product (s) delivery. Suggestions shall be made in the observation box at the time of the purchase, which will be subject to the company in charge of sending the products.

Delivery Address
The product will be delivered at the user’s indicated address in the website. It may not match user’s personal address. It is the user responsibility to carefully complete and review the information related to the delivery, so this is done in an effective and timely manner. No shipments are made to mailboxes. Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A is not responsible for the lack and/or error in the consignment of the address for the purpose of delivering the products.

In case the user needs to request a change in the delivery address, an order must be placed in the purchase order or by sending an email to Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A. informing the new delivery address and the purchase order.

Shipping Status
As part of the purchase process, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A will send the user an email indicating the shipping guide number, once the product has been dispatched. In this way the user will be able to follow the order (“tracking”) at any time he wishes trough the delivery company’s website. In case of loss or any other mishap with the tracking number, the customer can contact customers service and request it again, by indicating the order number.

Users have at their disposal the invoice with clear and precise information of the purchase products, payment information and currency of the transaction at the offices of Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A. In case this information is needed, you can contact us by clicking here and the invoice will be sent to automatically.

Invoices are issued by Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A.

“Send this product to a friend” services
If the user chooses the service “send this product to a friend”, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A could require name, email address of the person to whom it is sent together with the users details. Through this function, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A will send an automatic email inviting you to visit a certain product on the website. Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A will use tour email and the one of the person to whom it is sent only for communication and subsequent monitoring purposes, however such information will not be stored.

According to its privacy policy, Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A takes all the precautions to avoid unsolicited emails (spamming), International Ricky Sarkany S.A and its users do not accept spamming or unsolicited emails.

Therefore, it is established that the use of the service “send this product to a friend” is absolutely forbidden for spam purposes, or indiscriminate use of sending messages of any nature by email. Please do not send these types of messages to those that asked you not to send it.

Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A may suspend or withdraw users authorization to those who use this service for any other purposes than the establish ones and that have been reported by people that receive this massages.

Anyone who does not wish to receive these email communication any more, must request it by filling the form by clicking here.

All communications for advertising purposes that are made by postal mail, telephone, email, internet or other remotely means, the user has the possibility to request the withdrawal or blocking total or partial, of his database. Also the user may request the name of the person or of the data base that provided this information.

Users are strictly prohibited to:
A. Send files or any other information whose content is illegal, obscene, abusive, defamatory, offensive or against moral or public order.
B. Send files containing virus or similar, that are capable of damaging the computer performance, of the website or the software.
C. Use the website to violate any type of regulation.
D. Enter false information at the time of registering, purchasing or any other time information or personal data is required, offered products or services.
E. Use programs, software, automatic or manual devices to monitor or copy the information or any other type of content on the site without prior consent of Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A.

Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A is not responsible for the veracity of the information incorporated on the website by third parties or the one reproduce or communicated directly by the users of the website without any verification of Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A. If any user is affected by these issues, they must notify Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A. by email or postal mail, so that it can be deleted.

Copyright. Intellectual property
All website rights are reserved and property of Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A under the rights of the domain use of, etc.

Content of the website includes text, logo, graphics y general design, together data base and software. Everything is property and for exclusive use of Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A. or by right to use it under granted use licenses protected by current national and international intellectual property laws.

If the user considers that the website violates third parties intellectual property, they should notify Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A at the indicated address at the general terms and condition, together with all the information and documentation necessary for backing up the claim.

Company name and address
Company name is Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A. with address in Deheza 4758, CP 1430, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, República Argentina.

All notifications and/or communication made through the use of this website under these terms and conditions should be written down. (i) to the user: by email to the account established by the user, by register mail, or the address declared on the register form. (ii) To International Ricky Sarkany S.A email address, or legal address stated on the terms and conditions.

Advertising and Links
When the user clicks on advertisements or third parties links, entering other websites that do not belong to International Ricky Sarkany S.A., the user will be under the general terms and conditions of each site. User should read carefully access and use policies.

International Ricky Sarkany S.A does not guarantee the legality, quality of usefulness of the contents, operations and information that are communicated, reproduced and/ or made on linked third party sites or the absence of harmfulness of such content or services. Therefore, the user disclaims International Ricky Sarkany S.A for all content included in the aforementioned sites or services provided or promoted.

Jurisdiction and choice of love
The general terms and conditions are governed, without exception and as a whole by the lows of Argentine Republic and will be interpreted according to them.

For any difference, disagreement or conflict of interpretation, validity, reach and/ or application of the general terms and conditions, users can communicate with Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A by irrefutable means, sending their claim in order for the parties reaching an agreement.

In case is not possible to reach a solution, and to guarantee the user full access to justice, the customer must submit their claim to “Tribunales Ordinarion Nacionales con asiento en la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, República Argentina”.

Likewise, the user may communicate with Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A at any time for the purpose of reaching an extrajudicial conciliatory agreement in order to arrive to the solution of certain inconvenience.

Internacional Ricky Sarkany S.A.

CUIT: 30-70806464-1

Deheza 4758, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina